Our performance

Our Annual General Meeting takes place towards the end of Lent term.
During the AGM we elect the next year’s Student Steering Group and officially present our Annual Report and Statement of Accounts.

Here you can find those documents from the past few years.


AGM year Annual Report Accounts
2019 Annual Report 2018-19 Accounts 2018
2020 Annual Report 2019-20 Accounts 2019
2021 Annual Report 2020-21 Accounts 2020




Annual Report 2021-22

Annual Report 2022-23

Minutes of AGM 2023

Annual Report 2023-24

Minutes of 2024 AGM

Agenda of AGM 2024

Accounts 2021

Accounts 2022


Accounts 2023


Note that you are able to view information about SCA at the Charity Commission website.